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Is Your Leadership Team Having Difficulties With

  • Determining who has the personality and abilities needed to work virtually?
  • Managing virtual activities and compliance to requirements?
  • Keeping the workforce engaged, work integrated and efforts productive?
  • Losing your best talent over competition that offered them flexible and more meaningful virtual work options?

We have what it takes to guide you to success.

We have the real-world experience, knowledge and know-how to do it right.

We get it – A business transformation is difficult!

That is why we provide the knowledge, tools, guidance and solutions to enable and support you on your transformation journey.

It demands a comprehensive set of fully integrated solutions.

Institute of Virtual Workforce Management Membership

Transformation teams have access to the Institute's Library and Community. Membership is required for access by others. Other needs for access include, professional development, evaluation of the institute, and organizational access supporting vitual work operations. Membership in the Institute includes

  • Access to the Virtual Workforce Library of Knowledge.
  • Access to the iVWM Community.
  • Discounts on solutions.

Virtual Enablement

Virtual game-type team building bringing participants together in a virtual environment, simulating virtual working conditions, to perform team building activities virtually.

  • Addresses team performance impacted by the negative effects of working virtually.
  • Simulates a collaborative virtual environment targeting improvement in team relationships.
  • Makes an effective virtual or hybrid team possible.

It takes 5 phases to get there.

1. Develop Virtual Team Forming Ability

Begin by having your teams play virtual game-type exercises aimed at improving their teaming ability. Our team building methods are designed to develop the cognitive processes of your team members performing activities in a virtual environment. This will increase their skill and ability to form and function as a virtual team in a virtual working environment.

2. Develop Awareness of Readiness to Transform

Awareness assessments enable your leadership to determine who has the performance ability, and personal characteristics which best align with working virtually, and who may require oversight of ability and characteristics which may negatively influence team performance. It shows the spectrum of individual abilities and characteristics, to enable your leadership to determine and develop individual and team ability to work virtually. Prior to Phase 3, the procedural awareness assessment allows leadership to further determine if business procedures are instituted sufficient to support virtual work operations.

3. Decide, Train & Certify Transformation Leaders

After a decision to proceed into a business transformation, your fitness model is established to capture the results of upcoming assessments. You will select specific leaders for the capabilities you determine to be developed. They will be trained and certified for planning and leading, and/or assessing the teams and resources involved in the transformation.

4. Assess Fitness, Plan Transformation & Implement

Results of assessments are entered by your assessors into your fitness model. Deficiencies are identified and your leadership determines and assigns corrective actions. Your model is then ready for use in analyzing and planning your transformation. As your plan is executed and subsequent assessments performed, your model is continuously updated with the results. This is iteratively carried out over the development lifecycle until the desired level of fitness is reached.

5. Institute-the-Institute to Support VW Management

After transformation, the Library is used as a tool for controlling your organization and program-project work. This provides everybody the knowledge of the dependencies between specific resources involved in the work they are responsible for, or involved in, as it did for the transformation team. This enables and assures everyone knows and satisfies the needs of others. It is in this strategic, holistic and integrated way, that you will be enabled to achieve and sustain the best performance, from the best talent, working in their optimal virtual working environments.

What’s in it for you?

You’ll be satisfied the Institute provided you with the strategic, holistic and integrated framework, method and solutions you needed in enabling your enterprise-wide virtual workforce. You’ll be satisfied that using the knowledge, tools, guidance and self-services, your leadership was able to plan your transformation, and successfully implement your workforce 'Going Virtual'.

Implementation provides the type of virtual working environment needed for the best performance, to attract the best talent, and to develop, instead of lose, the talent you already have.

Building a virtual workforce and virtual working environment in this way will make your business agile, productive and successful, and is the key to you arriving at your desired outcome: having the best talent and virtual team performance possible.

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