Certification Process

Easy Steps to Get Certified!

Become a member of iVWM.
Fill up your membership form and have access to the members' benefits.

Study the Virtual Workforce Library of Knowledge (VWLoK).
In the preparation of your Exam, you will need to have better insight into the contents of the VWLoK. Based on your area of interest, you will find the relevant pathway to get ready for the Exam and to be able to perform your job virtually successfully!

Pay your Exam Fees.
iVWM Certifications fees are the final stage before starting your Exam. Once you complete the payment process, you will have the chance to do the Exam 3 times during 1 calendar year from the date of your payment. You will be receiving an email confirming your Exam fees and the access of your Exam page.

Take your Online Exam.
The Exam is an Online format; Upon completing your Exam, you will be notified by email with your result.


Get advantage of your membership and access the VWLoK! The more you explore the VWLoK, the faster you will be able to progress on your exams and certifications!

Study for your Exam! Consider taking professional training through our partners to prepare yourself for the Exam. Friends or coworkers group studies is a key for successful collaborative study.

Start your journey and become a member of iVWM