Companies that focus on the use and management of new technology need a balance between allowing people to work remotely and still managing them in ways that protect the company and its interests.

By registering your organization with iVWM, you will get an exceptional offer for your enrolled staff exam fees. And your organization will be able to track its staff certification process through a dashboard that gives visual statistics and valuable information about their employees' progress.

iVWM specialized certifications for your staff will blend requirements to use technology management in virtual work environments and help build a more effective work ecosystem.

Depending on your workforce specialty, we offer two certifications pathways:

workforce certifications

1. iVWM assessor certifications assess the fitness of one or more assessment topics:

  1. Knowledge Domain Assessor Certification - certification in one or more knowledge domains - involves general Knowledge of specific knowledge domains.
  2. Capability Assessor Certification - involves general Knowledge of specific capabilities.
  3. Enterprise Assessor Certification - involves general Knowledge of all capabilities and knowledge domains. Can be obtained upon completing all assessor Exams (ALL capabilities/Knowledge domains).

2. iVWM practitioner certifications assess the fitness of one or more knowledge domain or capability topics:

  • Associate Certification - an individual's Certification in a knowledge domain.
  • Professional Certification - an individual's Certification in a capability (all knowledge domains in a capability).
  • Expert Certification - an individual's Certification in workforce virtualization. Can be obtained upon completing all practitioner Exams (ALL capabilities/Knowledge domains).


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