The Virtual Workforce Library of Knowledge (VWLoK) is a database of organized and integrated information, related to the governance and management of an enterprise.
The knowledge in the library is relevant to any business, non-profit, federal agency, other type of enterprise, organization, or program-project.


iVWM Membership is required for access to the VWLoK.


The purpose of the Knowledge is to provide all users of the Library, with the specific insight they need to practice their profession, coordinated across all functions of their organization.

For example, using the library in realizing a virtual workforce.

When everybody knows 'who-does-what', what happens, happens with communication and understanding of what should be happening.
In other words, the Library promotes everyone working with the guidance of a navigation system which supports the goals and intentions of their work, and the work of others.

The Library is a GPS device used for enabling and assuring everybody and everything arriving at the same ultimate milestone, the outcome of the results: accomplishing the goals used for measuring success.


The Library provides this Knowledge to the practitioner using it, relative to the specific knowledge of the other practitioners which support and/or depend on the work of the practitioner using it. This enables and assures understanding the way everyone and key resources 'fit' into the workings of the enterprise.

When everybody does, what everybody needs to do to satisfy everybody's needs, everybody gets, what everybody needs to do their work.


Therefore, the value in the use of the Library is, through this method of knowledge distribution, the workforce has the insight needed to be empowered to work within the limits of governance controls, with minimal need for help or management interventions. This in turn, fosters a working environment which enables and assures discipline, adaptiveness, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, innovation, and other characteristics promoting business agility.


When everybody's work is quickly and ultimately getting to where everybody must get to, the work they did, then realizes the capabilities that everybody expects.


The satisfaction this insight into the workings of the enterprise provides practitioners is, the ability for them, and other practitioners they interface with, to know, understand and communicate business compliance to, assurance with, and oversight of, the basic and fundamental way, a successful business is expected to operate, under management and control.
In this way, use of the knowledge enables and assures the desired results, intended outcomes, and consistency across the organizations, programs, projects, analyses, plans, mission and strategies of the business.

Governance, organization and integration of the workforce is not easy. But it is the way a business consistently succeeds.

Working in a virtual work environment only makes governing, organizing and integrating harder to do.

Knowledge tools providing insight into the way 'things' are expected to work, are an absolute must.